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Women's Kolhapuri Chappals

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Ethnic Footwear for Women: The Timeless Kolhapuri Chappal


It is kind of impossible to think of Indian footwear without the iconic Kolhapuri chappal flashing across the movie reel of my mind. I don’t know a single Indian woman who doesn’t own a pair of Kolhapuri chappals as part of their ethnic sandals collection…

I can’t think of a single Indian festive occasion from wedding to puja wear at least one pair of feet isn’t adorned with kolhapuri chappals for women whether they are flats or heels, even the fabulous kolhapuri stiletto.

The humble traditional Indian ethnic footwear has spread across the world and now crossed over from ‘comfy desi’ to ‘global chic’! ​​My staple summer ‘uniform’ - cotton kurti, leggings or jeans, and Kolhapuri chappals - work for me across the globe. Kolhapuri chappals also make the best gift for friends and family around the world.

Kolhapuri chappals are a type of quintessential Indian footwear - handcrafted leather sandals.

They come from a small town called Kolhapur known for not much else but this type of leather handcrafted footwear. At least not to me. All I know about that town is that apparently for several generations past most families in Kolhapur are or have been traditionally involved in the making of these sandals.

Worn by men and women, the rich and the poor, the fashionable and the fashion-blind - Kolhapuri chappals are ubiquitous across India.

Regal Shoes is doing our part in pushing for its popularity – both among men and women. The newest line of the sandals we have created are made with premium super soft leather and lots of footbed padding, so they are as comfortable as the softest shoes of other styles.

And now you can go kolhapuri chappal online shopping. Get yourself a pair ASAP!

Explore Comfortable and Elegant Ethnic Footwear at Regal Shoes

When it comes to wedding footwear, the Indian bride knows to reach for ethnic shoes for women - whether that is embroidery or mojri, there is always the classic kolhapuri. When it comes to flat footwear for women, kolhapuri flat sandals are kind of hard to beat.

So you can see how ladies footwear in India is an incomplete category without these traditional one toe leather chappals. Check out our extensive collection of ethnic for women, especially ethnic heels and stilettos for your fabulous festive outfits - and get ready for that navratri garba, or Diwali puja. And if you are looking for kolhapuris or ethnic shoes for men online you can find those too.


What shoes do you wear with ethnic?

When it comes to ethnic Indian traditional wear you have to make sure your lehengas, shararas, anarkalis and sarees have the right ethnic footwear to go with them. These include mojris, kolhapuris and t-strap one-toe sandals with embroidery, beadwork, mirror work, and printed textiles.

How many types of ethnic shoes for women are there?

Many countless types - although you could just generally categorize them into mojris or mule types, kolhapuris or one toe types, and closed juttis. These are differentiated by the handiwork and craftsmanship, beading and zardosi work and the types of heels and modern silhouettes you can get nowadays.

What is special about Kolhapuri chappal?

They have been around since the 13th century and are only gaining in popularity around the world over the past hundreds of years. They are made of lovely leather that softens over time and they are at once timeless as they are trendy.

Can we wear Kolhapuri chappals with jeans?

Yes you absolutely can wear kolhapuri chappals with jeans - and dresses and skirts and kurtas and leggings and saris… the list goes on and on. They are super wonderful ethnic shoes for women.

Where can I buy quality affordable Kolhapuri sandals for ladies?

Right here at Regal Shoes we absolutely love our kolhapuris and continue to reinvent them by adding cool designs, colours and making them cushion-soled and comfortable as well as trendy and formal enough. Check out the range here.