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Men's Crocs Shoes

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Casual Comfort in Crocs Shoes

Crocs footwear are the absolute global number 1 footwear brand for the comfort-seeker. Ideal for people of all ages and genders, from a one-year old to a 100-year old, Crocs shoes work for everyone. Sturdy and reliable, they are just as good in a playground as they are in school, they are just as good in rugged terrain as they are on city streets, they are just as cute on kids as they are cool on adults. Most importantly for us monsoon-dwellers, Crocs are the perfect rainy shoes.

At Regal Shoes, you can browse a broad selection of Crocs for men and women - including the classic clogs, flip flops, the Crocs boat shoes, the Crocs sandals for women and many more.

Read on to learn more about our super collection of crocs online!

Crocs Footwear for All-Time Comfort and Style

Made with the croslite material that is lasting and sturdy, Crocs features many style options:

  • Crocs Clogs: Classic Dutch-inspired clogs are the most popular and recognizable Crocs style. Comfortable, convenient and all-weather, they come studded with holes for breathability and a back strap for sturdiness. They come in lots of colours are unisex so can be worn by men and women that last forever.
  • Crocs, flip flops and slippers: Slip-on shoes and thong sandals and slippers like flip flops are super useful in our daily lives. And they don’t have to be boring because Croc has them in stylish shades and patterns. These are one of the most well-liked options of Crocs to shop online at Regal Shoes.
  • Crocs Ballerinas and Sandals: If you want to wear Crocs outside the home especially to work in the rainy season it’s nice to have Crocs that are not chappals, which is where ballerinas and sandals come in. Lightweight and comfortable, Crocs ballerina shoes for women are ideal for everyday wear.

Buy Crocs Online at Regal Shoes

Crocs have become an absolute go-to as rainy season shoes and general casual wear especially children’s Crocs. At Regal Shoes’ stores and online you can get all the possible styles of original Crocs and never have to worry about what you are getting. Crocs will last a long time and are worth buying a pair.

If you are looking for more than Crocs online shopping, look no further because at Regal Shoes you can shop at our stores across the country and shop for shoes online. Since the 1950’s Regal has brought shoes to Indian men and women for every occasion our lives require from just hanging out to our weddings. Loafers for work, slippers to chill, heels to party, sneakers to run - whatever you need, Regal will offer you a wide selection of well-crafted, well-priced stylish branded shoes. Over 1 million loyal customers come back again and again, joining them without a thought.

Crocs for Men FAQs

Which Crocs shoes are the most iconic?

I would have to say the clog - it is what most people picture when they think of clogs and even though they have slippers and sandals and sneakers now, the Crocs footwear style that remains iconic is the Crocs clog.

Which brand is best for rainy shoes?

Yes this is the one - it is Crocs. Made of durable lasting indestructible material called Croslite, these waterproof shoes will take you from rain to flood without a scratch.

Can Crocs shoes for men be used for daily use?

Yes they are perfect casual shoes for daily use. They are casual though you cannot get away with wearing them to work. Unless of course you're a techie or journalist or trail-blazer or something cool like that. If you are looking for comfortable casual style shoes appropriate for work you need a pair of men’s loafer shoes.

Where can I buy Croc sandals for men?

You can get crocs for men at the Crocs store or at Regal Shoes stores and of course online at our website. Check the size chart properly and of course there is free shipping, COD and free returns so don’t sweat it. 2. What are the best crocs for men trending?

Can you wear crocs throughout the year?

Great for rains they are wonderful in summer too and better yet put on a pair of thick socks with your crocs for men and they will take you through a decent winter. Crocs are the comfiest shoes ever made in my humble opinion and what’s more, they last ages!