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Men's Casual Shoes

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Men's Casual Shoes - Comfort and Style At Your Feet

There's good news for comfort seekers because never before has the variety of casual men's shoes been quite this staggering. There is not much to thank the pandemic for but admittedly it has brought casual dressing into the public domain - and now you can get casual shoes that span the array of super casual rubber clogs to smart casual loafers to athletic ‘athleisure’ casual sneakers. 

If you are looking for shoes for men online that are stylish, comfortable, cool, laidback - you name it - here at Regal Shoes we have a collection of styles and brands that will satisfy your every shoe need. 

Shopping for Casual Shoes For Men Online

Casual lace ups and slip on shoes - are great for everyday wear with denims, khakis or shorts and especially good for traveling and adventuring. 

Casual sneakers for men are great for all of the above, not just sporty pursuits. In fact, there are more styles designed for chilling now than ever before. Check them out. 

Casual boots for men are a rugged casual style that looks great if you are biking, hiking, or just trying to look cool. 

Casual loafers are a great look for all men in all outfits - they are so effortlessly cool you really can’t beat a pair of suede driver loafers. You can pretty much get them in any colour 

Comfort and fashion come together in men’s casual shoes at Regal Shoes 

If you are looking beyond casual shoes for even greater comfort you will find that in our casual sandals for men collection which ranges from good old rubber flip flops to kind of cool sliders, to very cool fisherman’s sandals for men.

And let’s not wrap this up without a quick shout-out to the king of men’s footwear and that is formal leather shoes for men. Formal shoes - whether lace-ups or slip-ons, Oxford or Derbys, you will find them here when shopping for shoes online or at Regal  shoes across the country.


Can I wear casual shoes with jeans?

Yes, casual shoes are perfect for jeans. Go for a slightly rigged look like maybe a tan or brown lace-up shoe. Or choose loafers - especially - suede loafers - which are so laid back and stylish without a fuss. 

Can I wear casual shoes to the office?

It kind of depends on the dress code where you work - usually techies, journalists and writers can wear most anything. Financial sector folk and lawyers usually must wear formal shoes. But if you are unsure loafers can usually work for both sets - now you know why we love loafers. 

Which color of men's casual shoes are popular?

Black and brown/tan are the most popular followed by blue and olive. But honestly depending on the style you can wear most any colour. TOMS for example is arguably the world’s most popular casual shoe and you can get them in lots of colors at Regal Shoes stores.

Which brand is best for casual shoes?

Regal Shoes has a great range of casual shoes including in-house brands like Zucarro and Imperio. Clarks UK is one of the most comfortable brands with a great casual collection. Skechers are much-loved casual sneakers for men. Crocs are uber-casual and great for travel and the rainy season. And TOMS! The world’s favorite casual shoe brand now available in India at Regal Shoes.