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Rain Friendly Footwear

Rain Friendly Footwear

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Shoes for Rain Season - The Monsoon Collection

We love the monsoons - we are quite romantic about the rains and hot chai and garam pakoras and swapping stories with old pals. We don't love the traffic though, and getting splashed by mucky water, and wet socks and destroyed shoes! We can’t help you with the traffic but we certainly can help you when it comes to picking the right shoes for rain season.

So here is an open secret…

The absolutely best style for men and women rain footwear is - Clogs from Crocs!

Water Resistant Footwear for Rainy Season at Regal Shoes

When it comes to men’s shoes for the rainy season, no one does it better than Crocs. While they are extremely casual, Crocs are perfectly rain-friendly. Here is why…

Crafted from completely waterproof materials - Crocs are comfy, they often have a back strap so they don’t slip off and float away, the clogs have holes so the water drains right out,, and of course the material doesn’t stay wet all day, they’re basically unisex but are great sandals for men and come in a million colours.

Casual shoes are easy to do in the rain because you can just wear your good old flip flops. But you don;t have to wear boring flip flops because there are so many great brands and designs right now. We totally love Chupps so check them out. They are mostly unisex styles and so many cool prints that we are huge fans. If you want more classic mens rain footwear try Riders sliders - love that that rhymes.

So yeah there are several brands of footwear for rain that you can find at Regal Shoes. Rain footwear for ladies can be equally fun with jellies and waterproof ballerinas like you can find with these brands like Ceriz.


Which type of Shoes are best for Rainy Season?

Brands like Crocs that craft shoes out of waterproof materials are best - you can also wear basically any sandals but there are so many fun designs now. Make sure your shoes are well crafted or they will fall apart and come unglued. Do not - please do not - wear your regular shoes in the rain because they WILL without question die of drowning.

Which type of Rainy shoes are most comfortable?

Again we must say that Crocs - especially their clogs style - is the most comfortable rain wear. But they are really casual. If you are trying to wear a slightly classier rain shoe you might want to choose loafers or ballet flats made with PU or other water resistant materials.

Is there any type of Formal Footwear that can be used in the Rainy season?

Ah no I have to be honest here - while you can get away with wearing plasticy ballet shoes, slingbacks or even loafers, they wouldn’t really be considered formal. So your best bet if you can make it work is to carry formal shoes with you and swap them out at the office or at the venue when you get out of the rain and indoors.