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Women's Stilettos

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Always Stand Tall in Stiletto Heels

Just the very mention of stilettos evokes images of icons like Marilyn Monroe. In fact I believe every girl should have a pair of red stilettos and a bright red lipstick - a way to salute your inner bombshell. That said, however, high heel stilettos really are an iconic women’s footwear style.

Unfortunately, not every woman feels confident enough to wear them. But let me tell you a secret: you don't need confidence to wear stilettos - the heels themselves give you confidence. You just have to make sure you get the right pair.

Here’s how to identify the right stiletto shoes:

Make sure they are the right design for you - do you prefer open toe, peep-toe or closed toe pump shoes? Try a few styles and pick yours.

You don’t have to wear sky high stilettos! Try varying heights - no need to go straight for the -inch. What works for you - makes you look best.

Always, always go for a quality well-crafted pair of heels for women. Especially when it comes to high heel stilettos they must be well-made or they will just feel bad.

At the House of Regal we make women’s footwear of every style for every occasion - so we bring a range of well-made stilettos for women that look sexy AF and are so comfy.

As we noted before, Rocia by Regal Shoes has a wide selection of stiletto sandals for women ranging from casual to formal, and western to ethnic styles.

Add Diva Appeal to your Shoe Closet with Stilettos from Regal Shoes

Strappy high heel stilettos are of course the perfect party sandals. But there is so much more to this versatile style. Stiletto pumps for example are the classic work wear shoes for women. You can wear them in a pointy or round toe depending on your feet. Stilettos at work are always a power move. Not to mention ethnic stiletto shoes that are.

If you want to explore a wide range of stiletto heels for women, there is a wide range available online at Regal Shoes.

Regal Shoes has been around since the 1950s and has over 10 million loyal customers and has stores in most major Indian cities. They also have a great selection of men's and women’s footwear online shopping as well as many international brands under their umbrella.

If you are really just looking for all kinds of heels, then this collection is truly to die for…


Can stilettos be paired with formal work outfits?

Absolutely yes. Stiletto pumps with a classic pointy or round toe are the classic working woman’s shoe especially in a corporate setting. You cannot go wrong with those paired with trousers or a skirt suit.

Can stilettos be paired with wedding and traditional outfits?

Once again, the answer is yes. You can get strappy diamond studded, or shimmery stilettos. You can also wear the ever trendy kolhapuri stilettos for weddings and other festive occasions.

Are stilettos still in Trend?

Stilettos always are and always will be in trend - just check any K-drama or insta influencer and you will see what we mean.

Which type of stilettos are the most comfortable?

A pair of well-made stilettos is all you need to last ages in your shoes. Always make sure you are buying quality shoes. Your heels especially must be well crafted heels and in fact that goes for all your footwear. Check out the stilettos at Regal Shoes and you can’t go wrong.

Happy Shoe Shopping!