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Men's Sandals

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Flip Flops for Men - Living the Comfy Slipper Life

I absolutely love the fact that Indian guys can just live in sandals! Thanks to our year-round summery weather we get to wear men sandals when most of the world is grappling with socks and laces and whatnot. Isn’t it great?

And the fact is there are fantastic sandals for men available today - you can go for rugged leather sandals for men, casual chappals or men’s flip flops, trendy men’s fisherman sandals, t-strap sandals, Indian traditional footwear like kolhapuri chappals and mojaris for men which are really cool with kurtas and denims, and the formal sandal like men’s pathani sandals that you can wear with ethnic outfits as wedding footwear and on other festive occasions.

Wear Comfort and Fashion with Sandals for Men at Regal Shoes

At Regal, we have a special focus on leather sandals for men because they are an especially important pair of footwear - they are comfortable, last very long, look smart - not your everyday rubber chappal for sure. Casual sandals for men whether they are leather or any other material work well for your non-work related hangouts - and even work-related if you are a techie or journalist. In those professions of course you can wear sandals shoes whatever your heart wants of course.

Buy Men’s Sandals and Much More Online

When it comes to comfortable men’s footwear - we can go beyond men’s sandals too. If you are keeping it casual but don’t want to go all open you have the men’s fisherman sandals which are a great cross between sandals and shoes.

If you want comfort but really just want shoes of course you have your usually awesome sneakers for men - sneakers are not necessarily just sports shoes they also work as casual shoes for men just for hanging out.

Loafers and boots for men, depending on the brand and design, also can be considered casual shoes. I especially think suede driver loafers for men look fantastic on denims and khakis alike.

Check out our range of men’s sandals, casual shoes and men’s loafers that are sure to fit the bill and the outfit whatever it might be.


Can Sandals be matched with Formals?

Oh yeah absolutely yes. Formal sandals work very well with Indian traditional formal wear ranging from kurtas to jodhpuris, pathanis, bandis - anything you would wear to a pooja or mehendi or for feras too. Ethnic men’s footwear such as bund toe sandals, pathani sandals, mojris or kolhapuris work perfectly with formals.

Which type of Sandals are the most comfortable?

That really depends on you - but flip flop chappals also known as slippers are pretty all around comfortable. T-straps are also well-loved. Some people prefer backstraps and more cover so fisherman sandals for men work better for them.

Why one should buy Men Sandals Online?

The same reason why you should buy anything online - convenience! It is important when you do men’s shoe shopping online that you pay attention to these three things - know your size, always check out the size chart, there must be a return and refund policy. Obviously it also helps if there is COD and free delivery. At Regal Shoes we have an enormous collection with lots of brands and a very customer-service centric policy.

Which Colour Sandals are most common?

Black, tan or brown, and white - in that order are the most common. It completely depends on how you dress though so make sure you are getting something that works with you okay?

Happy Shopping,

Team Regal Shoes