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Formal Shoes

Men's Formal Shoes

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Imperio Black Men Leather Formal Slip On Shoes


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Regal Tan Men Formal Leather Slip On Shoes


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Imperio Tan Men Textured Leather Formal Lace Ups


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Regal Men's Black Leather Formal Lace Ups


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Regal Tan Men Leather Formal Double Monks


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Imperio Black Men Velvet Embroidered Mules


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Imperio Cherry Men Leather Woven Tassel Slip Ons


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Formal Shoes for Men - Style and Power with Every Step

They say shoes make the man and even though I don’t agree with that statement I do believe that shoes can empower - they empower us with the confidence to go out and conquer the world and chase our dreams. Step into a boardroom or a party in a pair of highly polished leather formal shoes for men and people will sit up to listen.

A few pairs of smart branded shoes for men are therefore essential to any man’s wardrobe. And you need a few different styles - let’s say a classic pair of men’s formal shoes like Oxfords, a pair of slip on formal loafers with a metal saddle to add style, and one pair for formal occasions such as weddings that can be either patent leather formal shoes for men, or even perhaps an ethnic style such as leather bund toe mules.

Regal Shoes formal shoes for men collection has everything your shoe closet needs. Regal has the widest collection of men’s branded shoes in India including Indian and international brands from the US, UK and Italy.

Visit one of our many stores around the country or browse shoes for men online at our website. In fact, shop for shoes online beyond formals to browse a selection of men’s ethnic and casual shoes, sandals and sneakers too.

Regal Men’s Formal Shoes - Combining Fashion & Function

Most men think formal shoes are uncomfortable and awkward to wear, but that is only because they haven’t found the right brand of men’s formal shoes. At Regal Shoes, men’s shoes are constructed as much for comfort as they are for style. Every pair comes with an in-built cushioned sole that makes wearing them all day everywhere a pleasure.

Buy Men’s Formal Shoes from Regal

Regal Shoes is an iconic Indian brand that has manufactured superior quality and high style shoes for the Indian consumer since the 1950s. Our loyal clientele of over 1 million customers include men and women from around the country who shop footwear for all occasions - including formal, casual and ethnic shoes for men and women with a focu on quality and customer care. Now, however, even when you need footwear online shopping with us is a great option for you.


Which color men's formal shoes are popular?

You absolutely must have a pair of black shoes which work with black and charcoal grey suits but really also can extend to other color trousers and outfits. A brown, tan or cherry pair of shoes is a great second formal pair because they are perfect with beige, brown or navy suits or trousers. Finally, we must add that white shoes are very popular with our customers as well.

Can leather shoes be worn as formal shoes for men?

There is nothing quite as classic as a pair of leather men’s shoes. Leather is just a really great material for shoes - it wears out so nicely getting softer and more attractive with age. You must care for your leather but if you do your shoes will reward you with many years of great service. And do not worry if leather formal shoes are not your thing there are wonderful alternatives to leather on offer now.

Which are the best occasions to wear formal shoes?

So obviously formal shoes can be worn at any formal occasion like dinners, parties, weddings. But the most crucial for a professional are office appropriate formal shoes - for meetings, presentations, conferences and depends on your daily style for everyday work. This is when you need smart, high quality, well-constructed men’s formal shoes that will keep you feeling and looking smart all day.

Can formal shoes be worn with jeans?

Oh yeah of course - I mean it completely depends on your style and the occasion but I am always up for a cool interesting outfit put together with a bit of panache and devil-may-care. So listen to your heart and forget the rules. I especially love a jeans t-shirt with a blazer look and that is perfect with some great men’s formal loafers or moccasins.

Which brand is best for formal shoes?

Imperio by Regal Shoes is the best formal shoes brand out there as the brand uses the highest quality leather, expert craftsmanship and Italian designs to produce men’s shoes that are of inimitable quality. If you want to splurge on one brand of men’s shoes let this be it.