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Women's Sneakers

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Rocia Lemon Women Sneakers


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Women’s Sneakers - Always Cool, Forever On-the-go

Do you know why sneakers are called that? You’ve probably guessed but yes it is because their rubber soles make them so quiet you can sneak around - or sneak up on someone and shout ‘boo’! Others call them trainers, tennis shoes, sports shoes, keds, kicks… They have as many names as they have avatars. You can get them with laces or without or even with just decorative laces. You can get them in canvas or mesh, solid or printed, slip on or strap on casual sneakers for women. They work for every age group.

Stylish sneakers for women right now are especially on trend. You can wear them with everything. White sneakers for women are especially beloved right now and go with everything - dresses, shorts, trousers, suits! I knew a senator in a US state who ran things in a pair of sneaks and she was so cool. You can wear them with sarees… glittery sneakers at your wedding - people have done so!

So kick it in your kicks. Do not worry about living it up in sneakers shoes for women.

Stylish Sneakers for Women at Regal Shoes - Style with Ease

Women’s casual sneakers - they are such a blessing. People often think heels are cool… you gotta wear heels to a party, or to look sexy or fun. But there is NOTHING cooler than sneakers at a party. When you look comfortable, and feel confident, you will always look awesome.

So when it comes to shoes for women - here is what we recommend. Wear what makes YOU feel good.

If for you that is sneakers - find Regal and shoes’ extensive multi-brand collection of ladies sneakers including styles from Rocia, Adidas, Puma, Skechers ( a personal fave) and even TOMS is available exclusively at Regal.

But if for you that is flat sandals, so be it. You can be a heels woman, or a boots girl, You can be the ballerina babe or a complete loafer (shoe). Just be yourself and you will always exude that cool calm confidence.


Which type of Women Sneakers are popular?

White women’s sneakers are always on trend - think Prajakta Kohli in mismatched wearing white sneakers with a dress on her non-date. But right now there is a lot of fun in sneaker prints. Also of course lace up canvas sneakers are super cool. But really the choice is endless and the women’s casual sneakers world is your oyster!

Can sneakers be used as formal shoes?

They can be used for formal occasions sure - if you are willing to be trendy, edgy, and oh-so-cool. Sneakers with saris - check! Sneakers at a wedding - hell yeah. Sneakers with a suit - on point! Women in sneakers are always fashionable - tell the world you have a long way to go and you’re lacing up so get ready for world domination.

Which type of Sneakers are the most comfortable?

Gosh when it comes to sneakers this is definitely not a question you need to ask because the whole point of sneakers is to be comfortable. Even women’s sneakers with heels are comfortable believe it or not. I mean, they have to be well-made and fit you of course. Always get well-made good quality footwear - that is rule number 1.