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Women's Heels

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Heels for Women: Style and Power with Every Step

Heels have a long and interesting history. Did you know that heels were first worn by men - not women? And why is that you think? I think it has to do with power. Heels are empowering. Not only does the added height make you look more imposing, it also boosts your confidence. Ever hear the clickety clack of a women in heels walking down the hallways - that sound can turn heads. And now heels for women give us all that access to power. So let’s use it. Put on your sky high heels and go out there armed to kick some ass.

Regal Shoes has an incredibly wide range of heels for women that are well-constructed and comfortable to wear. For every occasion in your life - from college to work to your wedding - we have a style in the ladies heels collection that is just right for you. So head over and browse away because when it comes to heels for any occasion - you can’t beat Regal.

Rocia by Regal Shoes – Buy Heel Sandals for Women

Looking to add that final touch to your fabulous outfit? Nothing works better than the right pair of shoes from our collection of high heels for women. We have a wide collection of stylish and comfortable women’s heels ranging from kitten heels to block heels, wedges and stilettos, open-toed heeled sandals to peep-toe heels. When it comes to footwear online shopping has really come to teh forefront so browse Regal Shoes heels for women and see for yourself. Below, we outline the different types of heels you will find.

If you like your heels comfy we bring you a collection of superb wedge sandals for women that will lift you up while keeping you completely cool. Check out wedge heel sandals for women here:

Rocia by Regal Women’s Shoes: Wedge Heels

One of the most popular heel styles ever is the block heel, which is basically a little box attached to the heel of the shoe to give you height but still a stable base - they come in extremely short to very high and can work with any occasion style. And you can never go wring with black block heels.

Rocia By Regal: Block Heels for Women

If you are looking for closed toe pumps that work well for…well… work… then look no further for pumps heels because Rocia Women’s Pumps are here.

Rocia By Regal: Pumps for Women

If your source of power lies in your fashionable stiletto heels, then this collection looks cool enough to kill…

Rocia by Regal: Stilettos for Women

If you like the idea of heels but don’t want to add too much height, you are looking for kitten heels which are basically tiny heels that are cute and comfortable.

Rocia by Regal: Kitten Heels for Women

If you want to tap into your inner desi diva, you definitely need to give this women’s ethnic sandals collection a look-see

Rocia By Regal: Ethnic Shoes for Women

And, last but definitely not least, we have our sweet collection of women’s flat sandals that you might also like to browse. Find them here…

Rocia By Regal: Flats for Women

And then there is the much-beloved ballet flats or ballerina shoes that you can check out here…

Rocia By Regal: Ballerina Shoes for Women

Heels for Women - FAQ’s

Which type of heel is most comfortable to walk with?

If you’re new to heels just try to keep your heels low and work up to high heels. As a rule bock heels and wedge heel sandals provide more support yo teh heel and arch and are there more comfortable than stilettos. However, with the right quality and construction and even a platform heel attached stilettos can be comfortable as well.

Which brand has the most comfortable high heel?

Regal Shoes has been crafting heels and producing superior quality footwear for decades. We know shoes and when we craft a pair of heels you can bet they will be comfortable as well as stylish. Check out our favourite stilettos right now - slip them on and you will see exactly what we mean - gold platform ankle strap stiletto heels.

Why are heels more attractive to women?

Like we said before, heels are just plain empowering. They make you feel taller, slimmer, sexier, more powerful. It’s psychological perhaps, or maybe biological, whatever it is we give heels a thumbs up.

Tips to maintain high heels

To keep your shoes and especially your high heels in great condition you must care for the. Just as you launder your clothes with each wear, shoes deserve some attention to.

First, always store your shoes in a box or in a soft cloth bag with a moisture-absorbing gel pack if possible. Clean your shoes after every use with a soft cloth. Try to keep your shoes dry and certainly don’t wear them in the rain. If you wet them keep them out in the open until they dry out.

Which high-heeled shoes are suitable for work?

Generally, closed toe shoes in any heel type are considered appropriate workwear. But you know that really depends on your work environment and how you choose to dress. If you wear a suit or pants, yes pumps look great. But sarees ans Indian suits are equally appropriate work wear in which case you can wear open toe heel sandals too. While neutral colours are considered professional, we believe you define what makes you feel more empowered to be more productive at work. You do you, okay?