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Florsheim Black Men Open Slipper Florsheim Black Men Open Slipper

Florsheim Black Men Open Slipper


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Florsheim Black Men Work Classic Florsheim Black Men Work Classic

Florsheim Shoes - Elevating Men's Footwear

Florsheim Shoes, a name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, has been a trusted choice for men's footwear for over a century. With a legacy rooted in sophistication and style, Florsheim has mastered the art of creating iconic shoes for men that stand the test of time.

Florsheim Shoes for Men: A Timeless Elegance

The Regal Shoes collection of Florsheim Shoes for Men is a celebration of timeless elegance. From classic oxfords to contemporary loafers, we offer a range of options designed to complement both formal and casual attire. Our leather shoes for men are not just a fashion statement; they're a testament to reliability and luxury.

Florsheim Loafers: A Blend of Comfort and Style

Florsheim Loafers redefine comfort and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer an ideal balance between elegance and ease. Slip into a pair for a touch of sophistication, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding flair to your daily attire.

Florsheim Sandals: Casual Style at Its Best

For those relaxed moments, Florsheim Sandals are the epitome of casual chic. Designed for comfort without compromising on style, they are the perfect match for leisurely strolls and laid-back outings.

Florsheim Slippers: Unparalleled Comfort

Your downtime deserves a touch of luxury, and that's where Florsheim Slippers shine. Unparalleled in comfort and style, they are a warm and cozy treat for your feet.

Formal Shoes for Men: Elevate Your Presence

When the occasion calls for formality and sophistication, Florsheim Formal Shoes for Men answer with elegance. These are the shoes that leave a lasting impression and add a touch of class to your ensemble.

Step into Luxury, Step into Regal Shoes

At Regal Shoes, we believe in creating and curating more than just shoes; we craft experiences. Every step you take in one of our branded shoes is a step into the world of impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style. Discover your own style statement, one step at a time, with Regal - where sophistication meets comfort.


Which Florsheim’s shoes are the most iconic?

Florsheim is known for producing a range of iconic shoes, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Its formal Oxford lace up shoes are its most iconic styles.

Which brand is best for formal shoes?

Florsheim USA is one of the world’s top brands for men’s formall shoes. 

Can Florsheim’s be used for office wear?

Florsheim can primarily be worn as office wear - their workwear range including Oxfords, Derbies and slip on loafers shoes are classic designs of well crafted durable and comfortable shoes.