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Men's Ethnic Shoes

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Men’s Ethnic Shoes - Look Festive, Wear Regal

Diwali or Navratri, pooja or party, when it comes to Indian festivals and weddings, we definitely want to show off our traditional ethnic shoes and outfits. And thank you gods for all the opportunities we get here in India to celebrate festivals in style. And when it comes to ethnic shoes for men, there are many wonderful options out there.

Men’s ethnic footwear can range from the casual leather sandals like the beloved Gandhi chappals and men’s kolhapuri chappals to the more formal pathani or afghani style sandals. Even closed shoes and loafers can be ethnic depending on the material or embroidery - for example men’s velvet shoes embroidered with a gold crest, usually in a deep black, rich blue and majestic maroon, also known as smoking shoes, are wonderful with formal Indian outfits like sherwanis. Finally leather shoes made with handwoven leather go well with Indian outfits especially for men’s wedding shoes.

Traditional Ethnic Footwear for Men at Regal Shoes - Embrace Culture with Fashion

At Regal Shoes, you will find an extremely wide range of footwear styles of traditional ethnic shoes for men especially for weddings and formal festive occasions.

If you are wearing a sherwani, Jodhpuris or any other formal ethnic outfit…

Your absolute perfect shoe is the jutti – especially a classic leather pair of men’s juttis or mojris in brown, black or white are a great go-to ethnic shoe. You would do just as well with Pathani leather sandals, or, dare I suggest, velvet embroidered smoking shoes for men.

If you’re in a slightly less formal Indian outfit like a kurta and bandi…

Of course the juttis and peshawari sandals would work, but here you can also wear your classic men’s kolhapuri chappals that are somehow perfect on every single pair of Indian feet ever. Our favorite styles on offer come in cushioned insoles for comfort and stability.

But of course when it comes to weddings and formal occasions you can also work your classic leather loafers and formal shoes for men, they are always an option.

And as we have made it very clear we think sneakers for men are always cool so slip on your cool high top lace ups with your denims and kurta for that Diwali party.


Is Ethnic Footwear the latest Trend?

Oh ethnic footwear is not just a trend it is a classic. It is timeless. It will never go out of style. It will stay important to us Indians as long as we have shaadis and Eid and Diwali and all tehillion festivals that brighten up our lives.

Which type of Ethnic Shoes are the most popular?

Ethnic shoes for men come in a variety of options including the extremely popular kolhapuri sandals for men, Gandhi chappals, also juttis, pathani sandals. Fisherman’s sandals, and hand woven leather shoes.

Which type of Ethnic Footwear is the most comfortable?

Most men’s ethnic footwear is comfortable because they are basically sandals for men, right and made of leather and softer and smarter looking. They are a great style of shaadi ke joote and puja shoes because you can slip them on and off easily and wear them for hours with comfort.