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Women's Block Heels

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Block Heels For Women Who Like Style, Comfort & Height

Shop Gorgeous Women's Block Heel Sandals for Every Occasion

If you like wearing heels, especially pretty high heels, but don’t always wanna kill yourself with stilettos - block heel sandals are just right for you. They are the perfect way to add height to your outfit - whether casual daily wear, party all-night wear, or even a wedding - especially your own. Why? Because you absolutely want to wear heels at your wedding but you have to stand around for hours wearing a heavy outfit - how to stay comfortable? Well, block heels for women are your answer.

Rocia by Regal Shoes has a fantastic collection of stylish and comfortable block heels for women ranging from casual to formal, and western to ethnic styles.

What are the Different Types of Block Heel Shoes Available?

So here is the truly amazing thing about block heels - it doesn’t matter what you need them for - pretty much every style of shoe comes in this popular, much-loved heel that is basically a little box tacked onto the sole of your shoe.

For example, you can wear platform block heels. Platforms make every kind of heel more comfortable because it supports the entire sole of your foot and not just the heel. It’s kind of a halfway between a block and wedge heel.

You can also find block heels in every shoe style, like close-toe block heels such as pumps that would be perfect for work, mules that are the perfect trendy style for fashion and comfort, and boots because who doesn't want a pair of kick ass black block heel Chelsea boots

If you want to explore a wide rage of block heels for women, there is a wide selection available online at Regal Shoes. Not just online but serving Indian customers through stores in most major Indian cities, Regal Shoes has been around since the 1950s and has over 10 million loyal customers. Not just women’s styles but for any kind of men’s and women’s footwear online shopping Regal Shoes is a great option because of the thousands of contemporary designs available.

If you are really just looking for all kinds of heels, then this collection is truly to die for…


Are block heels good for you?

Ummm I would say of all the different kinds of heels block heels do a better job of supporting your heel, your entire foot, and essentially your entire body weight. That makes them just that much more comfortable to wear, walk-in, and spend more time in.

What are the 3 types of heels?

Oh there are more than 3 types and I could fill a page with the types of heels out there but here are the 3 essential types that are enough for one to know because it allows you to pick the style of the heel that works best for you.

  • Stilettos are the classic sexy pencil heel that represents power, style and basically a will to take over the world. World domination heels - if you may! Of course, you also get tiny stilettos which are easy to wear and lovingly called kitten heels.
  • Wedge heels are a very popular type of heel that looks exactly like it sounds - like a wedge is attached to the button of your shoe. They are smart, easy to wear, feet-friendly, stylish, and especially popular in summery styles like espadrilles.
  • Block heels, of course. Like we said before just a small box stuck at the heel of your shoe - it can be of varying height from 1 inch to 6 or 7 inches sometimes.

Is it easier to walk in block heels?

Walking comfortably in heels depends on a few different things including the shape and height of the heels, the shape of your foot, and really most importantly, the quality of craftsmanship. With heels, do yourself a favor, do not compromise on quality. Don’t go for the cheapest brands or new brands that haven’t really learned how to construct well. We always tell you we have been putting shoes on Indian fee since the 1950s - from celebrities to industrialists to politicians - we know shoes. Our collection of heels is one of the most popular and well-loved in the country for exactly that reason. Okay, enough preaching you get my point.

Which heels are best for beginners?

Good quality, well-made heels are good for beginners. Also, I find that if you want high heels it is always a good idea to wear heels with a platform because it supports and lifts your arch and entire foot making wearing them much more comfortable.

Happy Shoe Shopping!