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Men's Flip Flops

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Flip Flops for Men - Living the Comfy Slipper Life

You remember the blue and white chappals your grandad used to wear around the house back in the day - just the thought makes me nostalgic. The fact is that the chappal also known as thong strap sandals, slippers or men’s flip flops are a quintessential basic of the average Indian guy’s life.

But the good - nay, great - news is that you don't have to wear boring chappals any longer. Regal Shoes brings you a wide and wonderful variety of men’s flip flops. These range from rubber chappals to proper casual sandals for men with t-straps that feel like chappals but look way smarter.

Casual sandals for men include - in addition to flip flops - sliders, clogs, fisherman’s sandals, t-straps, slingbacks - there really are a lot of options. Sliders for men are usually clubbed in with flip-flops because they are basically the same level of comfort.

Get Comfort with Style in these Flip Flops for Men at Regal Shoes

At Regal Shoes you will find a wide variety of flip flops and sandals for men. You can find a range of casual to uber stylish leather and non-leather sandals that are casual, comfortable and rugged. You can also find flip flop sandals from brands like Adidas, Reebok and Neemans. Chupps is a great fun colourful brand of flip flops that you absolutely must check out.

Regal also carries a range of men’s footwear beyond sandals including formal shoes for men, casual shoes for men, loafers and so forth. Here you will find all the brands you love including Indian and international brands like Clarks.


Can all men's chappals be worn throughout the year?

It depends on whether you are wearing them just at home or outside. Ideally rubber flip flops can be worn anywhere anytime year round. Leather flip flops which you would usually wear outside the house would be better off put away during the rainy season or the leather will get quite affected.

Which type of Flip Flops are the most comfortable?

So a few styles are actually considered the most comfortable - you have your:

- Thong strap flip flops

- Sliders or slide sandals with one broad strap across the front Casual strap sandals - think teva sandals

- The T-strap - think Birkenstocks

- Clogs - think classic Crocs

Which Colour Flip Flops are the most common?

Black, tan or brown, and white are the most popular colours in sandals. With flip flops though you can get as colorful and fun as you like because they are totally casual.