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Bags have always been women’s favourite accessory. After shoes, of course!

Not only can you dump your whole life in a bag and lug it around with you – how perfect! You can also look completely glamorous doing it!

See, we women are goddesses, like Kali, except we have to do it all with two hands.

       Well, at Regal Shoes, we have every kind of essential women’s handbag you could possibly need in your life.

       Regal and Rocia Bags for Women

        Let’s check them out…


The large variety of beautiful colours and styles of sling bags we have online at is a testament to just how perfect these bags are for our lives. Just sling them around your chest and you can go hands-free to get out there and get things done! Cos isn’t that what we really need ladies? A bag that is basically an assistant.

The CLUTCH Bag and POTLI Bags

Perfect for when you want to be fancy, whether at a western formal event or a traditional Indian wedding or festival, these beautiful shimmery, stone-studded embroidered clutch bags and potlis work for every kind of celebration.

Check out, for example, this fantastic, timeless, floral embellished clutch bag.

The work bag for office and carry-all for play

For every kind of handbag need, those big enough to carry laptops for the professional women, or carry a million diaper-related paraphernalia for the new mommy, we have got bags for all of you.

Get a Gorgeous Handbag Online to Carry Your Life With You

Today, there is no need to get out of your pyjamas to find yourself the perfect bag. You are just a click away from buying bags online in India with free delivery and free returns and full refunds.

        And if its shoes you want, cos let us face it ladies, who doesn't always want another pair – check out thousands of styles of women’s footwear online here are Regal and Rocia Shoes.